Inglorious Monk Bakery is about Simple Pure Pleasures.  Our products may be free of the major food allergens, but they are FULL of flavor!  We believe one of the reasons they are so flavorful and pure tasting is that we carefully select the finest ingredients..everything and everyone involved in making food we eat, matters! It may sound corny, but we believe in baking with Loving intention.

Our ingredients include...

Organic coconut milk ** (a member of the Drupe family, though classified in error by the FDA as a tree nut), organic vanilla, organic stone ground (=more nutrients and better tasting!) gluten free certified finely ground gluten free white rice flour, gluten free sweet white sorghum flour, organic apple cider vinegar, Frontier brand premium baking soda, Frontier brand premium baking powder made with organic ingredients (organic grape juice concentrate in dry form, not chemicals!), certified gluten free oat flour, organic fair trade certified evaporated cane juice, powdered cane sugar, gluten free arrowroot flour, powdered cane sugar, organic sustainably-produced eco-friendly palm oil (grown on small family farms) and premium Frontier guar gum (from a bean, not bacteria as xanthan gum, an ingredient often found in gluten free products, is derived.)

Depending on the flavor, they may contain:  

Organic nutrient dense pumpkin, Enjoy Life mini chips (8 allergen free semi sweet chocolate), organic vanilla flavor, organic peppermint flavor, organic lemon flavor, organic raspberry flavor, orange ground lemon peel, beet juice (for pretty pink color), organic turmeric (for lemony yellow color), organic orange flavor and the highest quality European cocoa powder.

To review, here are the "NO's"...

No gluten, no dairy, no peanuts, no tree nuts (see ** above re nondairy coconut milk that we make from nondairy coconut creme! carageenan!), no eggs, no soy, no GMOs,

 no corn meal^, no bean flours, no lentil flours, no xanthan gum, no potato flours!  Never ever!

 We bake in a dedicated allergen free (allergens previously listed) kitchen!

^We strive to use the purest, finest ingredients we can.Those with CORN allergies please note: This is not a 100% corn free product. There can be a very small amount of cornstarch in our powdered nonGMO cane sugar depending on the brand purchased (we plan to either make our own or source a tapioca starch one in the near future) and an even tinier amount in our premium made with 70% organic ingredients baking powder (made with organic grape juice concentrate instead of the usual chemical that most baking powders use!) The superior, high grade & 70% organic (the most it can be!) baking powder is made with a very small amount of nonGMO corn starch to prevent caking, by the manufacturer. We are committed to using the purest ingredients that we can, even if that means searching high & low for the best baking powder that doesn't contain chemicals! We apologize to those of you who are extremely sensitive to ANY amount of corn; we understand what going without is like and didn't intentionally exclude you!